Can Grandparents Be Given Child Custody?Child Custody Attorney in Hemet Will Tell You

In some cases, grandparents may worry if they are legally permitted to assume care of grandchildren. Child custody is often a right secured for the child’s parents. However, in some cases, grandparents may be granted legal custody, and how a child custody attorney in Hemet will explain you.

In granting grandparents legal custody of children, the court must determine that the grandparent’s guardianship is in the client’s best interest.

This may be the situation if the kid’s parents are badly injured or killed in a car accident and thus cannot look after the children. In other cases, the court may suspend or terminate a parent’s entitlement to care for their kid, such as when:

  • The parents have mistreated, ignored, or threatened to hurt the kid or other children significantly.

  • The guardians are unable to give the youngster a safe environment.

  • The child’s parents had abandoned him.

  • There is no continuous relationship or communication between the parents and the kid.

  • Parents freely relinquish parental rights.

If one parent’s rights are revoked, the child’s only legal guardian will be designated the other parent. In such instances, a grandmother may seek co-guardianship to accept legal obligation for the kid.

If both parents’ rights are dissolved or if the guardians are otherwise unable to care for the kid, the child will be handed to a close relative.

In these circumstances, the court will look into a list of possible guardians to determine who best cares for the kid. The following criteria are used to evaluate potential caregivers:

Financial situation. The potential caregiver should be financially capable of supporting a child.

Health. The prospective guardian must be physically capable of caring for the youngster.

Condition of mind. If the possible guardian has a mental illness or a history of depression, the court may rule that they are unfit to care for the kid.

The kid will be in the custody of the selected guardian until the child reaches the age of eighteen or until the primary caregiver revokes or resigns guardianship.

If you are battling for custody of a kid, you should consider hiring legal counsel.

According to the facts of the matter and the concerns addressed, the following people might be excellent witnesses in your custody hearing. We ask that customers furnish us with the names of witnesses earlier on in their dispute so that we can interview them and establish your case.

In addition to the names, supply the phone number and address of each witness, as well as a brief description of the individual’s relationship and understanding of your case.

Ten Suggestions for Child Custody Witnesses

  1. A list of your child’s previous two years’ instructors

  1. Any therapist or other counsellor who is working with the youngsters.

  1. A list of doctors or other medical professionals treating the youngsters.
  2. Relatives or family members spend time with the kids.

  1. Babysitters, daycare workers, nurses, and other child care professionals.

  1. Teachers, Scouters, or other people instructing or aiding your child’s extracurricular activities.

  1. The identities of any parents of your children’s half-siblings.

  1. A pastor, minister, or another religious leader who is active in your family’s life.

  1. The identity of your therapist or counsellor and the therapist or counsellor of the other parent.

  1. Name and contact information for each Child Protective Services employee who has communicated with or interacted with your family.