Bankruptcy Lawyer in Hemet

West Covina, Upland, and Moreno Valley

Hedtke Law Firm has decades of combined bankruptcy experience to help you during these difficult times. We want you to understand your legal rights and make sound decisions. Bankruptcy is the only opton that can stop foreclosure, silence harassing creditors and permanently eliminate your debt.

With Chapter 7, most debts are completely discharged, while you keep your home and cars. Chapter 13 can let you arrange to make up the back payments on your home over time, without needing the bank’s approval. If you have received a Notice of Default and are facing foreclosure, don’t delay, contact us and speak to Hedtke Law Firm today. We can immediately stop your foreclosure while you stay in your home.

Don’t be fooled by late night television advertising or slick marketing attempts, you need competent legal advice from an actual bankruptcy lawyer. We specialize in personal attention from your attorney each time you call. Hedtke Law Firm is here to help you every step of the way.

We suggest you set a meeting with Hedtke Law Firm immediately to discuss your options. YOUR INITIAL CONSULTATION IS FREE. You have nothing to lose. WE CAN START YOUR CASE FOR AS LITTLE AS $99. Call for your Fresh Start today.

Hedtke Law Firm is a Debt Relief Agency and we assist consumers in achieving a fresh start by filing for relief under the Bankruptcy Code. Hedtke Law Firm is standing by to answer your questions for free, 24 hours a day.

What is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

The goal for individuals who file Chapter 7 is to free themselves of debt through a bankruptcy discharge. Although businesses normally do not receive a discharge, corporations and partnerships may use Chapter 7 to liquidate and close their business.

What is Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Chapter 13 is for individuals with regular income who want to reorganize their financial affairs. The debtor proposes a repayment plan, such as to catch up on the arrears on their home mortgage. Only individuals and sole proprietors are eligible for Chapter 13.


    • Can immediately stop home foreclosure.
    • Stops creditors from calling and harassing.
    • Can discharge most if not all of your debt.
    • Gives you a fresh start.
    • Can cost less than a loan modification or credit counseling.
    • Provides a permanent and lasting solution