Child Custody Attorney in Hemet

Know when it’s time to fire your child custody attorney Hemet, file a complaint, seek available funds, sue for malpractice, or even call the police.

Fire Your Attorney

You have the right to fire your Hemet custody lawyer for any reason. When you fire your lawyer, you must pay for the work already done, and you must notify the court of the change. In many states, your lawyer must give you your case file-even if you still owe some money. Aside from that, firing your lawyer may affect your case. The first time you fire your lawyer, the new lawyer will need time to get up to speed on your case. After that, if you continue to fire lawyers, you will alert the judge to the fact that you are an unstable litigant. And finally, after you go through a few lawyers, new lawyers won’t want you as a client.

File a Complaint

Because a child custody attorney Hemet is licensed to practice, you can also file a complaint with the state bar. Lawyers are officers of the court, and must adhere to a code of professional conduct. When you file a complaint of lawyer misconduct, the lawyer is investigated-usually by the disciplinary board of the state bar or the state supreme court. If the investigator finds evidence of unethical behavior, the lawyer can be disciplined. Typical discipline includes private warnings, probation, suspension, and for the most egregious cases-disbarment. Lawyers take complaints very seriously, and you will undoubtedly get their attention if you file one.