You and your children are being safeguarded.

The greatest gift you have is your children. You were in a horrible relationship at the time, but God blessed you with your children due to it. It’s now up to you to keep them safe. Your marriage has ended, and your most significant concern is that the sorrow of the split will be passed down to your children. You don’t want to add to their anguish. You also don’t want your children’s mental well-being to be harmed by the termination of your partnership.

You love your kids and want the best for them. Whether you are going through a divorce with children, need to amend existing custody agreements, or are never married to the other parent, your children are your most valuable investment. Only a skilled child custody attorney in Hemet can help you navigate the legal minefield of child custody. If you live in Corona, Eastvale, Chino, Riverside, or San Bernardino, we advise you to contact our office right away to ensure that your children’s rights are safeguarded.


Parental Resonsibility for Children

Custody arrangements vary, depending on the needs and dynamics of the family. Some parents, for example, can collaborate to distribute their children equally. Some children come from homes where one parent works full-time, and the other is primarily responsible for child rearing—unfortunately, addiction and abuse plague certain families. By establishing safety regulations, such youngsters can be protected from their parents.


Checklist for Parental Child Custody

Your kids are unique in every way. Before any custody orders are made, their individual needs and circumstances must be addressed. They’re valuable as well. To protect their best interests, charges involving them must be carefully written. After all, you want the best for your children’s upbringing.

Whether you reach an agreement with the other parent or have to go to court to get orders for your children, the circumstances of your children will be carefully assessed to ensure that their emotional needs are satisfied. The below lists are some of the issues that courts consider while deciding on child custody:

• Each parent’s proximity to one another.

• Each parent’s closeness to their children’s schools.

• Each parent’s working hours

• The children’s academic schedules

• Any parent-to-child agreements

• Children’s psychological and physical well-being

• The level of stability that each parent can provide for their children

• If the parents have a history of violence,

• Does either parent have a history of mental illness?

• Does either parent have a history of drug or alcohol abuse?

• If the parents have a criminal past

• The children’s and parents’ relationship

• Each parent’s living conditions

• Children’s aspirations

• Any expert witness’s recommendation


Child Custody Arrangements

Custody orders must occasionally be modified. For a variety of reasons, this can happen. The children, for example, are older and prefer to spend more time with one parent. Perhaps one of the parents has relocated or changed jobs. It can occur as a result of one parent’s abuse, neglect, or mental illness.

The purpose of child custody orders is to be flexible. The courts recognize that your children’s needs will evolve as they develop. When circumstances change, California child custody rules allow parents to modify custody orders.

When you lose a child custody battle, you may experience great sadness and a sense of betrayal. It’s impossible to give up hope. Later on, these orders can be altered, and our office can assist you. It’s critical to engage a child custody lawyer who will fight to protect you and your child in these instances.