Untangling Tenant and Landlord Rights

At Hedtke Law Group, we handle bankruptcies and family law situations, but we also assist both landlords and tenants in working through problems with a rental property.


Skilled and experienced attorneys understand that landlord-tenant conflicts are practical examples of the law in play. Much like with family law situations, a conflict necessitates a legal resolution in very detailed and specific ways. Many of these situations are in some way odd or unusual, and one is typically not just like another. In some of these types of cases, discovery will apply, either because one or more parties are flagrantly lying, or because the truth of the details is rather hard to work out.


Let’s look just very briefly at some of the things that often apply in these types of scenarios.


Tenant Rights


The tenant has a right to a livable property, a reasonable standard of privacy, and honoring of the signed lease.


The landlord also has the same right to honoring the signed lease, as well as the promise of rent payment, and protections against different types of property damage.


That’s the broad strokes of this type of legal relationship, but experienced landlords know that it doesn’t usually end there. All sorts of unusual problems can present themselves that require close reading of the lease, and even professional counsel and representation in a court of law. Suppose someone is causing a disturbance at a property in a continual manner, or bringing illegal drugs into a housing unit. Suppose there’s a disagreement about home systems, or the quality of heating and cooling in a building, or whether a certain individual should be on the lease, or qualifies as a routine visitor to a property.


All of these can be challenging scenarios where the law has to come into contact with people’s preferences, goals and emotions. In fact, there’s often less mediation in play in landlord-tenant disputes than there is in some other kinds of legal challenges. Cases often go to a court in order to satisfy the legal rights of both parties.


At Hedtke Law Group, we understand how all of this works, practically. We believe that the role of the attorney is vital in helping parties to understand both their rights and their responsibilities, and the boundaries of what can be worked out under federal, state and local law. With quality representation and counsel, the law can and will provide the framework for legal resolution. We want to hear your story! Call for a free consultation to get peace of mind about a landlord-tenant disagreement or other housing situation in your life.